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Media Archive

Opening Hours Winter Term 2023/24

Due to an error, the opening hours on our homepage are unfortunately not up to date. The current opening hours for this winter semester can be found here:
Monday, 15:00 - 16:00
Tuesday, 10:00 - 11:00
Wednesday, 13:00 - 14:00
Thursday, 16:00 - 17:00
Friday, 10:00 - 11:00

The Media Archive at the Department of American Studies is a collection of film sources related to US-American history, culture, and society. With a specific focus on Cultural Studies and Film Studies at the department, our Media Archive is devoted to creating a space for academic exchange and easy access to DVDs and Blu-rays for students and staff.

The Department of American Studies in Graz has a long history of scholars focusing on Film and Media Studies. More than 25 years ago, then-department chair Arno Heller integrated “Media Studies” into the curriculum and the Media Archive was created.

Initially founded upon a mere handful of video cassettes American guest professors left at the department, the Media Archive soon featured various hundred films. Through the dedication of the staff at the department, first and foremost Ao.Univ.-Prof. Klaus Rieser, the Media Archive continued to grow throughout the years. Starting 2013, Univ.-Prof. Stefan Brandt took on the challenge to massively enlarge the collection. Generous and repeated sponsorship by the U.S. Embassy, private donors, and collaboration partners (as well as the tireless efforts of student assistants) made it possible to turn the Media Archive into the largest archive of its kind in Europe (films produced in North America and/or focusing on the region).

2018 saw the move of the Media Archive from the top floor in Attemsgasse 25 to the first floor in Heinrichstaße 18, where DVDs are positively stacked to the ceiling. Soon after, the first few video games were integrated into the collection, finally turning the film archive into a true media archive. As head of the archive, Prof. Brandt, and his team – PD Dr. Martin Holtz, Manuela Neuwirth, BA MA, and student assistants – make an effort to update and adapt the collection to the needs of staff and students.

Today, the Media Archive holds more than 6,400 movies, TV series, and video games.

Find out more about the Media Archive here or visit us on Facebook.



Media Archive Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 8204


Location: Heinrichstraße 18/I, 8010 Graz
Postal address: Attemsgasse 25/II, 8010 Graz

Opening hours Winter Term 2022/23:

Monday, 3 p.m.–4 p.m.
Tuesday, 3 p.m.–4 p.m.
Wednesday, 4 p.m.–5:30 p.m.
Thursday, 2 p.m.–3 p.m.
Friday, 1.45 p.m.–2.45 p.m.

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