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Inter/mediality and Literature


Inter/mediality and Literature (Textuality and Inter/mediality; Climate Change Theater and Performance; Life Writing; Contemporary Poetry and Historiographies of Injustice; Race and Ethnicity)

Just as much as American literary history takes other art forms besides literature into consideration, the study of intermediality includes multiple phenomena. This interdisciplinary, transnational, and multilingual field seeks to delineate and explain, to put it broadly, (1) the characteristics of references to other arts in literary texts, (2) strategies of imitating the semiotic language of one art form in another art form, and (3) myriad types of adaptations across media. Because of its focus on the poetics and on the implications of inter-art relations, textuality, and semiotics in all media, intermediality theory connects literary studies and cultural studies. Faculty members in American Studies who are active in this research focus here in Graz are currently engaged in projects that participate in further developing the intermedial facets at work in theories of textuality, plays and performances that address climate change and environmental injustice, life writing studies, and the interventions of contemporary poetry in historiographies of injustice.

Research: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nassim Winnie Balestrini, M.A.

Projects Inter/mediality and Literature



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