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Austria's Young Americanists

AYA (Austrian Young Americanists) is a Graz-based student organization that provides information about the current research projects of post-graduate students at Austrian universities. This network is part of an initiative by the European Association of American Studies to make post-grad facilities across Europe more transparent and more effectively structured beyond the national reach. Through their website with features short profiles of the current doctoral candidates in Austria, a discussion forum, and postings of the current job and grant opportunities, AYA serves both as an interactive newsletter to students and as an additional form of academic mentorship. With its annual organization of the AYA Retreat which brings together post-graduates and Fulbright scholars, and thus helps establish future relations with American scholars across the discipline of American Studies.

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Juliann Knaus, M.A. Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 8427

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