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HostFilm Best Paper Award 2018

Samstag, 23.06.2018

Student Excellence

In partnership with the ERASMUS+ strategic partnership program Hostfilm: Hospitality in European Film (2017-1-ES01-KA203-038181) and the Department of American Studies at the University of Graz, we are pleased to announce that the HostFilm Best Paper Award 2018 was awarded to Marilyn Sook Yun Lim for her paper ”’You  Have  to  Understand’:  The  Appeal of Hospitality  in  Warsan  Shire’s  Poems.” Honorable mention was awarded to Dejana Kostic for her paper entitled “Border Imaginaries of Customs Officers.” The award ceremony took place on May 5th, in Graz City Hall, as part of the International Student Conference “Transcending Borders – Redrawing Perspectives.”

The HostFilm Best Paper Award honors exceptional efforts to theorize borders from the perspective of prominent concepts on hospitality from Kant’s “Cosmopolitan Hospitality”; Levinas’ and Derrida’s revisions; Agamben’s “homo sacer”; Nancy’s “abandoned being”; Serres’s parasite; Kristeva’s the abject; Bauman’s “disposable beings”; and others. Besides its methodological excellent, Ms Lim’s paper also includes autoethnographic reflections on immigrant life in Europe. This concern is also expressed in her dedication: “I would like to dedicate this paper to the refugees and immigrants, the people who are not here, who are not present in this room, but hopefully in the near future, when they could be part of the university, be part of our everyday lives without the discrimination, the pain and the shame of being "foreigners" in a country. “


For more HostFilm events, please see https://www.facebook.com/Hospitality-in-European-Film-471510949916870/.


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