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Call for Volunteers_Worlding SF

Dienstag, 16.10.2018

Join the “Worlding SF” team!

The organizers of the conference “Worlding SF: Building, Inhabiting, and Understanding Science Fiction Universes” are looking for students interested in volunteering at the conference. In particular, we are looking for people who will work at the registration desk (main tasks: registration and providing information), provide tech support (main task: tech support for presentations), and assist with set-up/tear-down work (moving desks etc.). In addition, we are looking for one or two students to (wo)man a book desk commissioned by Buchhandlung Moser for a reading on December 4.

“Worlding SF” will take place from December 6 to 8, 2018, with some tear-down work taking place on the 9th. and we are looking for volunteers!


If you are interested, please find further information here... and send an email which briefly details

(a) why you would like to volunteer at the conference,

(b) why you are a suitable candidate for the work in question, and

(c) when you will be available 

to stefan.brandt@uni-graz.at, stefan.rabitsch@uni-graz.at, and m.fuchs@uni-graz.at by October 26.



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